VFL-9000 Visual Fault Locator
  • Model: VFL-9000

  • VFL-9000 Visual Fault Locator

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    The VFL-9000 Visual Fault Locator is a light source used to locate breaks, bends faulty connector, misconnections in fiber optic cables; it is an ideal tool to verify continuity, test and find breaks in LANs, fiber data links and loops.

    - Low cost tool to Finds Breaks, Bends Faulty Connectors, Faulty Splices...
    - Slim, Pocket-Sized
    - 2.5mm Universal Adapter for SC, ST, FC connectors
    - High Output, Class 2, 650nm

    Wavelength 650 nm
    Emitter type LED
    Output power 1.0 mW max.
    Operation mode Pulsed and CW
    Laser Safety Class 2
    Connector Type universal 2.5mm adapter
    Controls on/off, continuous/flashing
    Power supply 2 AA alkaline batteries
    Battery life >15 hours in continuous mode
    Dimensions(L X D) 180mm X 15mm
    Weight(without batteries) 140g

    Standard Accessories:
    user guide, 2.5mm universal adapter(fixed), carrying case