Dry and Wet Fiber Optic Cleaning Products and Kits

Clean fiber optic connectors are a requirement for quality connections between fiber optic equipment. One of the most basic and important procedures for the maintenance of fiber optic systems is to clean the fiber optic equipment.

SYOPTEK provides you a full cost-effective fiber optic cleaning product line, which safely and effectively clean fiber optic connectors, dramatically decreasing network outage and downtime.

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Fiber Optic Tools

SYOPTEK provides the high quality tools for the fiber optic industry, SYOPTEK fiber tools prepare the fiber for installation, splicing, and termination with clean and accurate stripes and wraps.

The SYOPTEK fiber tools line includes: fiber optic strippers, fiber optic cutters & scissors, fiber optic cleavers and blades, fiber cable slitters, fiber crimp tool, dispensing bottle.

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About Syoptek
Fusion Splicer

SYOPTEK established on June.8, 2005, is one of the leading companies focus on designing and manufacturing of high quality passive components for fiber optic networks.

Our Xiamen factory has over 1,000 square meters manufacturing area and over 30 employees, which is specialized in researching & manufacturing of optical test equipment, fiber optic cleaning supplies; offer fiber optic cleaning/inspection/testing, installation, and termination solution; supply fiber optic tool kit design and assembly, provide kits that meet varying needs from factory and telecom operator. . ...Learn more