SC/APC hand polishing disc/polishing puck
  • Model: S1-5327

  • SC/APC hand polishing disc/polishing puck
    - High quality hand polishing disc for fiber optic connectors
    - Holds Popular Connector Styles
    - High quality, precision machined stainless steel design for long life
    - Maintains proper connector angle during polishing process

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    The metal fiber optic polishing discs are especially durable and are machined to close tolerances. They are designed to hold your fiber optic endface at exactly the correct angle to the polishing film during the polishing process.

    Ordering information: 
    S1-5325    ST/SC/FC universal 2.5mm hand polishing disc
    S1-5326    MU/LC hand polishing disc
    S1-5327    SC/APC hand polishing disc