Fiber Optic Cable Sheath Cutter
  • Model: S1-5305

  • Fiber Optic Cable Sheath Cutter

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    This Fiber optic cable sheath cutter(cable sheath slitter) is a simple, easy-to-use device that gives effortless slitting, with no sideslip, on any diameter of plastic cable at any point.
    It comes in a handy plastic case with two attachments for small-diameter cable slitting and an Allen key to remove the cutter socket retention cap.

    - One cutter for all plastic cable sheath diameters
    - Cuts at any point in the cable
    - Adjustable cutting depth control
    - Small and handy
    - Accident-proof
    - Easy knife replacement

    Kit content
    - Cable sheath cutter
    - Adapter for cables up to Ø 25 mm (grey)
    - Adapter for fiber optic cables (yellow)
    - Operation instruction
    - Allen key