CommScope inaugurates in-building wireless partner network

To help venue owners and wireless operators find highly skilled system integrators, CommScope announced that it has expanded its In-Building Wireless Partner Program, and has named the first companies to have achieved its new designation of In-Building Wireless Premier Partner.

In-building wireless system integration — which includes network design, equipment selection, NEOCLEAN installation and commissioning — has been described as one of the most critical aspects for a successful distributed antenna system (DAS) project. As part of the CommScope PartnerPRO network, the company says its In-Building Wireless Premier Partners have demonstrated the ability to successfully design, commission and optimize a CommScope DAS solution, managing a project from start to finish.

“The ability to work with multiple parties including venue owners and network operators while deploying a technologically complex in-building wireless system is a refined skill, which some companies do better than others,” comments Stephen Kowal, vice president, Global Partners, CommScope. “CommScope is proud to announce the first In-Building Wireless Premier Partners, who have attained the highest level within the PartnerPRO network.”

The first companies to achieve CommScope’s In-Building Wireless Premier Partner status are Black Box Network Services, fiber optic microscope DAS Simplified and RF Connect, each of which have proven their ability to deliver superior value to customers, says CommScope. As In-Building Wireless Premier Partners, these companies can now provide an extended CommScope warranty for authorized projects while enjoying enhanced visibility among CommScope’s customers.  Ideal 45-163 By working with a company designated as an In-Building Wireless Premier Partner, customers are accessing system integrators with proven expertise in all aspects of implementing a DAS, contends CommScope.

According to the company, there are two levels to the CommScope In-Building Wireless Partner Program: Select and Premier. All new In-Building Wireless Partners enter the program as Select, a status that provides a wide range of professional and business benefits. After 12 months at the Select level, partners are eligible for Premier status after they have demonstrated their independent ability to deliver superior value to customers and generate new, mutually beneficial customer opportunities.

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