Ocean Networks secures funding for Pacific submarine cable

Ocean Networks, Inc., a company planning to build a new submarine cable system in the South American Pacific Ocean, says it has secured mezzanine funding to start the project. The company declined to say who provided the funding.

The planned 9400-km system, named South America Pacific Link (SAPL), will be a new build submarine cable system that will connect Manta, Ecuador to Oahu, Hawaii. Ocean Networks says the SAPL system will fill a requirement for the emerging markets of South America and provide connectivity to the Asia Pacific region, Australia, and New Zealand, fiber optic cleaning  via interconnects with existing and planned submarine networks.

Hawaii is a mid-Pacific hub for numerous undersea cable systems. SAPL will provide a cost-effective, one click cleaner, direct low-latency route to Hawaii, opening up a previously untapped trans-Pacific market to/from the west coast of South America, the company says.

In addition, the SAPL system will land at Manta, Ecuador, where it can interconnect with planned and existing systems to provide a more direct, low-latency trans-Pacific route to the Caribbean region and U.S. East Coast.

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