Basic Fiber Termination Kit
  • Model: TK-005/H

  • Basic Fiber Termination Kit

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    Provide the basic fiber optic tools that are essential for fiber optic termination, fiber optic splicing, and testing. This fiber termination kit includes fibe strippers, fiber cable slitters and other precision hand tools, fiber optic cleaning tools, consumable products, and much more. All is packed in a hard-side tool case, keeping the items you need within easy reach.

    Kit contains
    1) Electrical Tape
    2) Small Clear Plastic Parts Box
    3) Automatic Alcohol Dispenser, Plastic, 8 oz
    4) Miller CFS-2 Fiber Stripper
    5) FC-007/1 Optical Connector Cleaner
    6) Fiber Optic Kevlar Scissors
    7) Wire Stripper/Fiber Jacket Stripper
    8) Ideal 45-162 Grey Buffer Tube Stripper
    9) Round Cable Slitter
    10) 6” Side Cutting Pliers
    11) 100pcs CS-001 2.5mm Fiber Optic Foam Swabs
    12) CW-001 Fiber Optic Lint-free Wipes
    13) Utility Knife
    14) Tweezers
    15) Needle Nose Pliers
    16) Screwdriver Set
    17) Black Marker
    18) Safety Glasses
    19) 10 CW-002 Fiber Optic Presaturated Wipe
    20) Fiber Optic Disposal Unit/Fiber Scraps Trash Can
    21) Tape Measure
    22) Emergency Lamp
    23) Hard-side Tool Case