Fiber Jacket Stripper 22-10 AWG (.6-2.6 mm)
  • Model: S1-5306/1

  • Fiber Jacket Stripper 22-10 AWG (.6-2.6 mm)

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    - strips and cuts 22-10 AWG (.6-2.6 mm) wire sizes
    - AWG/mm wire sizes embossed/pad printed on tool
    - Cushion grips for comfort
    - Serrated plier-type nose for wire pulls and loops
    - Handle lock mechanism for compact and protective storage for ease of use with pouch
    - Wire looping/bending holes conveniently located
    - Automatic return spring for ease of use and speed
    - Compact and lightweight with narrow nose design
    - Black oxide finish for extra corrosion protection
    - All cutting surfaces are precision formed, hardened, tempered and ground, assuring clean, accurate strips