Tri-hole Fiber Optic Stripper
  • Model: S1-5314

  • Tri-hole Fiber Optic Stripper
    High quality 3-in-1 stripper, for 250um coating, 900um buffering and 3mm jacketing, adjustable closing gap

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    The S1-5314 Tri-hole Fiber Optic Stripper assures precise 250µm buffer coating removal from 125µm fiber. This fiber optic stripper has a precise 0.005" hole and V-opening in the blade to allow for accurate buffer coating removal, while also preventing any scratching or nicking of optical fiber. It features a second hole that strips 900µm tight buffer down to a 250µm buffer coating which allows for longer stripping lengths. The third hole is designed for buffer removal of 2-3mm fiber jackets.

    All cutting surfaces hardened, tempered and ground, assuring precise buffer removal. This tri-hole fiber optic stripper is factory set and requires no adjustments.