FC-007/4 Cassette Cleaner (Cleans MT-RJ connector w/ pins)
  • Model: FC-007/4

  • FC-007/4 Cassette Cleaner (Cleans MT-RJ connector w/ pins)
    Connectors cleaned: MT-RJ with pins

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    The FC-007is a simplified and a replaceable reel type cleaner for ferrule end-faces. It enables low cost cleaning.

    - Cassette case made with anti-static resin
    - An alcohol-free dry cloth solution
    - Palm-sized and lightweight
    - Efficient and easy to use
    - Delivers consistently high quality cleaning performance
    - Specially washed, high-densely woven, micro-fiber cleaning tape
    - Each cassette provides approx. 400 ferrule cleaning cycles

    Fiber Connector Cleaner Cleaning Result

    Part No. FC-007/1 FC-007/3 FC-007/4
    Connectors Cleaned SC,FC,ST,MU,LC,MPO,MT,MT-RJ MT with pins, MPO with pins MT-RJ with pins
    Dimension L115mm × W25mm × H55mm
    Cleaning Cycle One cassette provides more than 400 ferrule cleaning cycles
    Replacement Reel Part No. FC-008 (7 reels/set)