How to choose a best fiber optic inspection microscope?

Fiber Optic Inpection Microscope

There are at least a dozen of different fiber optic inspection microscope on the market. So how do you choose one that is best for your application and budget? Here are some suggestions.

Consider your fiber inspection scope application environment

  • Production environment
  • Fiber optic cable installer contractors
  • Network manager

Consider your fiber optic cable and connector type

  • Single mode. Choose a fiber inspection scope with at least 200X magnification. Or even 400X if you are in a production environment.
  • Multimode, 100X maybe OK for field fiber optic cable termination. But best choice will still be a hand held 200X level scope.

SYOPTEK offers a range of fiber optic inspection microscope. Even better we have a extensive list of selection criteria published together with the products list.

View  SYOPTEK’s Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope product section to see the list of choices.

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