FIP-800 400X Fiber Optic Inspection Probe
  • Model: FIP-800

  • FIP-800 400X Fiber Optic Inspection Probe
    • FIP-800 400X Fiber Optic Inspection Probe
    • FIP-800 400X Fiber Optic Inspection Probe

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    Industry reports show that contamination is the No.1 source of troubleshooting in optical networks, any contamination in the fiber connection can cause failure of the connectors/adapters or failure of the whole system.

    FIP-800 Fiber Optic Inspection Probe provides the basic applications to identify the smallest particles, scratches.

    With the help of SYOPTEK’s FIP-800 series Fiber Optic Inspection Microscope, you can easily check the connectors/adapters quality, e.g. cleanliness, scratches, make sure that the connectors/dapters are clean and exempt of any defects.

    Key Features:
    ✓High quality optics
    ✓Ergonomic, compact design and controls
    ✓Wrist strap available for easy one-hand operation
    ✓Eye safe, slim design, and easy to use for inspection in any locations, e.g. patch panels
    ✓High definition 3.5” TFT LCD screen with long life Li-ion battery: up to 5hrs typical in continuous use
    ✓battery, or computer USB port, or ac adapter power supply
    ✓A series standard inspection/cleaning/test kits available

    - Bulkhead and patch cord sides of fiber interconnects
    - Simplex and ribbon fiber connectors

      Probe Specifications
      Size (L x W x H) 141 x 45 x 45 (in mms)
      Weight 113 g
      Resolution Better than 0.5um
      Magnification 400X
      Field of view 447 um x 342 um
      Light source Blue LED
      Lighting technique Coaxial
      Viewer Specifications
      Size (L x W x H) 114 x 24 x 75.3 (in mms)
      Weight(with Li-Ion Battery) 163 g
      LCD display 3.5 inch TFT LCD
      Power supply Rechargeable Li-ion Battery or computer USB port or AC charger/adapter
      Battery life 4~5 hours typical in continuous use
      Charging time 5~6 hours
      Operating temperature -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
      Storage temperature -20 ℃ to 70 ℃
      Package Contents
      FIP-800 Probe and Viewer
      1 LC/PC bulkhead adapter tip
      1 SC/PC bulkhead adapter tip
      1 FC/PC bulkhead adapter tip
      1 Universal patchcord tip for 2.5mm ferrule
      1 AC charger/adapter
      1 User Manual
      1 Carrying Case
      Feature Comparison
      FIP-800 FIP-900 FIP-1000
      Eye-safe video inspection
      High - definition TFT LCD display  
      USB 2.0 connectivity  
      SD card    
      PC and APC connector viewing
      Male connector viewing
      Female connector viewing
      Ribbon fiber connector viewing
      Digital zoom  
      Automatic pass/fail analysis software     *
      Adapter tips included:
      1 LC/PC bulkhead adapter tip;
      1 FC/PC bulkhead adapter tip;
      1 SC/PC bulkhead adapter tip;
      1 Universal patchcord tip for 2.5mm ferrule.
      Watertight & hard transit protector case * *

      *Available Option

      For more detail on available fiber optic cleaning products, see Fiber Optic Cleaning

      For more detail on available fiber optic tester products, see Fiber Optic Tester