How to Test Fiber Optic Cables for Optical Loss

In order to know how effectively your fiber optic cables are transmitting, you’ll need to test each one for Optical Loss. The term “Optical Loss” describes the difference between the amount of light sent into the transmitting end of a fiber optic cable, and the amount of light that successfully makes it to the cable’s receiving end. This tutorial covers the basic steps involved in Optical Loss Testing.

 STEP 1 
Connect the test cable to the reference cable
 STEP 2     
Connect the test source to the transmitting end of the test cable
 STEP 3 
Connect the power meter to the receiving end of the reference cable
 STEP 4     
Using the test source, send a light signal into the test cable
 STEP 5     
At the receiving end of the reference cable, take a reading of the light signal with the power meter

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